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1700mAh LI-A02-04, LI-A05-05, LI-A1-01, PI-A05-05 High Capacity Battery for GolfBuddy DSC-GB400 World Color


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  1. High Quality, high capacity, light weight rechargeable battery.
  2. No memory effect. Can be charged or discharged as needed without loss of capacity.
  3. Overcharge protection, with built-in battery life microchip.
  4. CE Certified.
  5. Capacity: 1700mAh/6.29Wh
  6. Dimension: 64.90 x 44.10 x 5.52mm
  7. Compatible Models: GolfBuddy DSC-GB400 World Color
  8. Compatible Original Battery Part nos: LI-A02-04, LI-A05-05, LI-A1-01, PI-A05-05