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SMAVtronics, LLC
7595 Currell Blvd Unit 25728
Saint Paul, MN  55125
Tel: ‪(651) 337-9399‬

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If you have tried to email us in the past but you're not receiving a response from us, it's possible our email replies are being blocked by your browser settings or by your internet service provider. This sometimes happens to commercial email even when it's legitimate, like email from our customer support department or automatic order status notification emails. This is especially true if your ISP is Earthlink or Verizon. If you think this is happening to you, consult the help section of your email program and see how to relax or open up the settings that filter or block email that you receive. Or contact your internet service provider for advice on loosening your email filter settings. Once you've done that, email us again and we'll gladly answer your question again. If you still don't receive a reply, email us again and ask us to telephone you.

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